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Accuris qMAX Green PCR Mix. Engineered for high sensitivity, fast cycling and excellent producibility.

  • Compatible with BioRad, ABI and all popular qPCR Instruments
  • Ideal for low copy number templates
  • Early Ct values and detection across a broad dynamic range
  • Ready to use 2x master mix
  • Includes Accuris Hot Start Taq Polymerase for greater specificity and accuracy
PR2000-L-1000 Accuris qMax Green, Low Rox qPCR Mix, 10ml/1000rxns
PR2000-N-1000 Accuris qMax Green, No Rox qPCR Mix, 10ml/1000rxns
PR2000-H-1000 Accuris qMax Green, High Rox qPCR Mix, 10ml/1000rxns

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