Agela Technologies New Products

We proudly present You our new group of lab products by Bonna-Agela Technologies™. Totally we catalogued 184 products consisting of four groups:

1.Cleanert SPE Sorbents Cartridges

Bonded Silica SPE Cartridges

Functionalities include AQ C18, C18, C18-N, C8, NH2, COOH, Silica, PSA, PRS, SCX, SAX; All of them are made of high quality and low metal silica particles. Using the special surface modification methodology, the activity of silica surface is reduced largely, which in turn will reduce the tailing of compounds and will ensure high recovery and reproducibility.

Non-silica Adsorption Phase Cartridges - Florisil, PestiCarb, Alumina (N, A, B). They are commonly used to remove polar interference from non-polar samples. Cleanert adsorption sorbents have high purity, high recovery and good reproducibility. They are widely used in sample preparation for environmental and food analyses.

2.Quick Work-up Cartridges

They are specially designed to replace the conventional aqueous work up procedure such as liquid-liquid extraction as a part of organic synthesis and purification. They are used as a filter-through method to quickly work up reaction mixtures or purification.

How to use:

  1. A synthetic mixture is injected directly injected onto a column.
  2. Choose a solvent which is not immiscible with water to rinse the desired compounds out of column.
  3. Concentrate the collected solution.
  4. Add the concentrated mixture to a flash column or a HPLC column for further separation.


NV12-G 12 Well Evaporator and NV30-G 30 Well Evaporator models.

4.Lab Supplies, which include Manifolds, extraction tubes and centrifuge tubes.

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