Reduce Biohazard Waste Costs with Bio-Bins

Buy 2 cases of any Bio-bin®, Get the 3rd case FREE!

How to claim your free 3rd case:
  • Buy 2 cases of any Bio-bin®
  • Complete this redemption form then mail, fax or e-mail the redemption form and proof-of-purchase copy of your Dynalon distributor purchase order, invoice or packing slip.

Mail To: Dynalon Marketing, 175 Humboldt Street, Suite 300, Rochester, NY 14610
Fax: 585-334-0241, or E-mail:
Tel: 800-334-7585

Offer good on Bio-bin purchases through June 30th, 2019.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery of free product after receipt of redemption form. All redemption forms must be post marked within 30 days of purchase.
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