ExpellPlus™ PCR Plates Specials!

MegaDepot offers a range of Expell PCR 96-well plates by Oxford Lab Products.
The items are intended for PCR applications. Due to their form and materials, Expell PCR Plates are suitable for standard 384-well cyclers.
These PCR plates are autoclavable and transparent. Additionally, Expell PCR Plates are designed to reduce the binding of proteins.

Do the following:

  • Add to cart 3 cases of 5100313C or 5100213C Expell PCR Plates;
  • Choose any eligible CappAero multichannel pipette to get it for free!;
  • Inform us about your choice in the comment section at checkout! (See how)
8-Channel Pipettes 12-Channel Pipettes
C10-8 CAPP 0.5-10 µL C10-12 CAPP 0.5-10 µL
C20-8 CAPP 2-20 µL C20-12 CAPP 2-20 µL
C50-8 CAPP 5-50 µL C50-12 CAPP 5-50 µL
C100-8 CAPP 10-100 µL C100-12 CAPP 10-100 µL
C200-8 CAPP 20-200 µL C200-12 CAPP 20-200 µL
C300-8 CAPP 30-300 µL C300-12 CAPP 30-300 µL

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