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Heathrow Scientific is a global manufacturer of bench top equipment and lab essentials that deliver design, function and innovation. Company’s products are used in life sciences and clinical applications as well as academic and government research. The company pushes the boundaries and makes new and better ways of lab work possible by supplying everyday labware and equipment that solve problems, improve productivity, save space and deliver value.

Founded in 1996, Heathrow Scientific set out to be a global manufacturer of laboratory equipment and essentials built on the foundation of great design, function and innovation. HS strived to offer products designed to stimulate the mind and add a bit of colorful excitement to the laboratory. This is accomplished by offering a spectrum of colors and styles, as well as being versatile and adaptable for multiple uses.

Over the past several years Heathrow Scientific has built a strong and in-depth product portfolio that started from just two products, 100 place and 25 place slide boxes. Today, the portfolio includes over 800 laboratory items which span multiple scientific categories. The company’s strict standards include 3rd party plant reviews and 100% multi-level product inspections. These actions result in a 99.7% reliability on their equipment and 99.99% reliability on theeir laboratory supplies.

Heathrow Scientific has become a trusted partner to distributors, both large and small, globally. The company offers a wide range of products and provide customer service excellence making it easy to do business with us. HS lab essentials and bench top equipment are designed to stimulate the mind. With a spectrum of colors and modern styles, company’s products are versatile, where one item can be used for multiple functions and is adaptable so it can be used or stored in a variety of configurations. From centrifuges to shakers, pipettes, slide boxes, tube racks, weigh boats, everyday labware and more, company’s in depth product offering is designed for sample collection, process analysis, transport and storage. Heathrow Scientific has earned multiple patents over the years and been nominated for several innovation awards.

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